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Interactvty has reinvented the advertising business, bringing about the second generation of OTT.

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Our interactive OTT platform allows you to monetize your content in multiple ways.

Traditional monetization

Interactvty is the pioneer of 2nd generation OTT platforms, but that doesn’t preclude the utilization of the traditional business and monetization models from first generation OTTs.



Users must pay a monthly fee 

to access the content.


Pay per View

Users must pay the associated fee to be 

able to view their chosen content.


True View Advertising

Our platform has the ability to implement this type of advertising in any of your content.


But, thanks to our interactive technology, you can generate as many business and monetization models as you can imagine.

With Interactvty, you’ll be able to generate income with your content to an unthinkable extreme. 

Monetization by Interactvty

Income from sponsorships

Sponsor your OTT channel with an absolutely innovative advertising strategy.

Main screen sponsorship

The main screen background and the channel

logo can be monetized with this sponsorship.


Category sponsorship

The OTT Channel is divided in categories each one of them can be sponsored.

Paid categories

Sponsors can position themselves on the OTT channel with exclusive categories for their content.


Paid content

Sponsors can position themselves on the OTT channel with exclusive categories for their content.

E-commerce & TV-commerce

First screen interactivity allows user to make purchases directly on the TV.


Cost per Click

icono per purchase

Cost per Acquisition

Cost per Lead


Information Extension Income

This interactivity is designed to allow the audience to extend the information delve into the data or insert advertisements related with the content.

chico skate

Monetizing posibilities

Cost per impression

icono CPC

  Cost per click

Questionnaire Income

This interactivity is designed to allow the channel or third party companies to survey the audience.

Monetizing posibilities

Cost per impressions


Cost per click

Cost per answer

Go To

The “Go to” interactivity allows you to redirect traffic within the platform itself by steering your users to sponsor or corporate content thereby generating more user engagement. It can also be used for gamified activities that let your users choose the ending of the story.

Monetizing posibilities

Cost per impression

  Cost per click


Second screen

The OTT platform has the ability to generate second screen interactivities. 

These interactivities are those than have it source in the TV but that are finished in second screen.

 They lead theaudience from the TV to mobile devices or email.

Monetizing posibilities


Cost per Impression


Cost per Click


Cost per Interaction

Other ways to monetize your content

Big data

Just like on web pages or apps, on a SmartTV all user behavior generates metrics. All this data is extremely valuable for the publisher, its associates and its sponsors.



 OTT Learning can form part of the publisher’s revenue if they create their own educational content or those of third party institutions with a commission based agreement.


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