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INTERACTVTY is the only technology on the market that allows you to create your own OTT platform with e-commerce, first and second screen interactives, and to be present on all Smart TV operating systems, mobile devices and Web.

INTERACTVTY allows you to create your own interactive OTT platform and carry out all the actions and businesses you can imagine: e-commerce, advertising, big data, traffic, e-learning, information, etc.

With INTERACTVTY you will be positioned on all Smart TVs: Samsung, LG, Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Vewd, Set Top Box; on Android and IOS smartphones and tablets, and Web. In addition, we incorporate Chromecast and Air Play mirroring features to cast your content from mobile devices to Smart TV.

Thanks to our interactive OTT your company will enter a new space of communication and business with your users. INTERACTVTY will allow you to carry out all your actions and business models on the format with the most impact: video. You will only think about communicating with videos and how you are going to exponentially expand all your monetization and engagement formulas. If you doubt, you stay behind. We offer you your new theater of dreams.

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