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E-commerce - TV-commerce

We are the first and only company that has created a real TV-commerce thanks to our interactive sales platform. With our pioneer technology, only your users will be able to complete their purchases on the television. We are the only OTT platform that allows you to buy from any device.

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Surveys in real time

Directly from your OTT, you’ll be able to give your users the opportunity to participate in polls, competitions, contests, and drawings. You can ask about candidates in a debate, or if they agree with opinions shared in a video, and of course, you´ll be able to include quizzes in your instructional content.

Get more engagement

Thanks to the interactivity of “Go to” you will be able to redirect the traffic of your users without them having to leave your OTT. Your users will be able to navigate from one content to another within your platform.

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Second-screen interactivity

Interactvty will allow you to create second screen interactivity using PUSH technology, creating alerts on your mobile devices; using ACR technology, recognizing sounds with your mobile devices; or by email.

Push technology

Through Push interactivity you can send any type of link for the user to carry out the action you want them to perform: access websites, view social media profiles, access e-learning platforms, download applications, etc. 

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Email and ACR

Send segmented or mass emails, to whomever you want whenever you want. Mass email interactivity can also be used in combination with linear television. With Interactvty you can also create second-screen interactivity using ACR sound recognition technology. 

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