Some think we are here to change the future, but the truth is that we are here to conquer the present.

Where will you be?

We are the first OTT 2.0 technology with TV-commerce and interactive streaming. Our product is the only interactive OTT platform in the market. Take advantage of all the internet’s interactivities in your videos. 

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Total connectivity

Connect you OTT to all digital platforms.

We give it all for you

Connect with your users on all devices and in real time.

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Who is behind Interactvty?

With more than 15 years of experience under our belts, we are the most knowledgeable team in interactive OTT and its usability.
We're characterized by our flexibility, experience, and disruptive technology and offer only the top experts in each of our development areas.

Our vision

We are becoming the world standard for interactive OTTs. 

Our mission

We strive to offer our users the best experience and never before seen solutions. We want to help you monetize and manage your audiovisual content and integrate them into webpages, mobile devices and Smart TVs.

All of this thanks to:

Group 3

Permanent research and development to achieve the most advanced interactive OTT technology.

Group 4

Our intrinsic understanding of 
the UX to provoke more engagement.

Group 5

Our totally scalable structures.

Group 6

The ability to stay one step ahead of our customers needs.

Do you have a specific question?

Contact with our team, they will help you!​