Live Streaming & TV-commerce: How Interactvty is transforming
real shopping.

The world of video and online shopping has changed forever.

We are the first OTT 2.0 technology with TV-commerce and interactive streaming. Our product is the only interactive OTT platform in the market. 

Our OTT platforms are connecting content and commerce using the cleanest UX in the market today.

The transversality and omnichannel approach allows us to reach the target user wherever they are.

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Why your brand needs TV commerce?

Smart TV plays a fundamental role in users ‘homes. Thanks to Live Shopping with integrated e-Commerce, customers can buy from brands instantly, without leaving the experience.

Smart TV users have a much more positive attitude towards advertisements on television.

Viewers enjoy and value ads viewed on a TV more than on any other device, according to a new Samsung Ads study: “What we can see is that Smart TV is becoming a multipurpose facilitator for entertainment, connection, learning, and more. Viewers’ willingness to watch Ads for free content, combined with the perception of ads on television, is an exciting opportunity for advertisers trying to reach streaming audiences through ad-supported streaming platforms.”

Our TV-commerce makes everything that appears on the television screen susceptible to purchase, from a product that may appear advertised in a traditional advertising spot to even the clothing that the presenter of a program may wear. It can also be sold by direct streaming! 

Advantages of TV-commerce with our OTT 2.0

  • It is the most powerful digital communication tool for your company with which you can create your audiovisual products to market and sell. 
  • Redirect your audience wherever you want: it can be a landing, a store, a form… Interactvty allows you to create surveys and ask your users questions on all the content you want.
  • Your OTT will allow your customers to access your audiovisual products the moment they view them without having to go to your online store from another electronic device to purchase them. Immediacy can lead to compulsive buying.

  • You can segment your audience more clearly based on the profiles of the users. You can collect all kinds of useful information to offer personalized content.

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  • It will allow you to generate brand awareness (branding) and seek interactivity (engagement) with your customers, generating unique shopping experiences. The better the user experience, the higher the consumer satisfaction.
  • It will be an excellent element in marketing and advertising strategies and a source of additional income for companies, thanks to stores with specialized products according to the channel being viewed.

  • You will be able to measure in more detail the impact and scope of the campaigns that are carried out through different statistics and metrics (impressions, clicks, etc.), and even be able to offer details about the final conversion of said interactions into sales.
  • Monetize everything you want.

Interactvty has reinvented the advertising business, bringing about the second generation of OTT.

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