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Interactvty's technology is the first in the market capable of transferring all digital business models to the OTT and audiovisual content.


Sell your products using interactive content or in the store or reach an agreement with partners and sell their products

 In-app purchase

Sell premium content on demand


Create subscription apps that are compatible with the rest of monetizing models such as in-app purchases, ads, e-commerce…

Advertisements & Sponsors

Monetize with VAST programmatic Ads or the built-in Ad-server. Allow your categories to be sponsorized by others

 Branding & Placement 

Position ASAP in a new business space. Positioning later will be harder and more expensive

 Big data & Metrics

Measure users’ behavior, take decissions, adapt your content, adapt your products

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Full solution to all OTT


Connected TV, Smartphones, Tablets, web and casting devices integrated in one omnichannel solution.

Unified Management

One CMS for a range of connected TV platforms including Roku, Samsung, LG, Android TV, VEWD, Apple TV, Fire TV, iPhone, iPad, Android mobile, Android tablet, Airplay, Chromecast and Web TV.

Scalable Model

Our SaaS CMS allows publisher to be present on connected TV without the need of human intervention.

Fully Interactive

Connected TV channels are fully interactive, just like web or mobile are.

First and Second Screen Interactivities

The interactivities can be made only on TV, on mobile, on web or in a combination of them.

+ 2000 functionalities

It has more than 2,000 functionalities to approach your user in the best possible way. Our new media are interactive and will get the user to buy products, see advertising, answer surveys, know sponsors, etc.

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